ITEM: No Provenance 03 and 04

A pair of hunting charms in the form of a seal. These charms were worn to honour animals and were part of rituals that sought the co-operation of animal spirits. For native tribes of the North, hunting animals such as seals was a spiritual and harmonious practise. Once caught, every part was utilised in order to show respect. A common ritual was to give back or bury the bones or bladder in order to allow the replenishment of that animal (Berlo & Phillips, p.160).

Once again the creation of amulets by native artists can be questioned. Amulets were originally made for spiritual reasons; however, the tourist trade meant that items were made for sale instead of use by tribes or shamans. Many were collected by anthropologists, missionaries, and explorers, including Brenchley!

Today carvings from bone, shell and ivory are no longer made.