North American Adventure

General timeline

1849 –      New York living a forest life among Native Tribes. Travelled to St. Joseph on the Missouri.

1850 –      Rockies to Oregon.  Major trek over the Rockies and gathering materials from traders.

1851 –       Travelled over the Rocky Mountains to the coast of Oregon and Fort Vancouver. From Fort Vancouver to the Hawaiian Islands. Hawaiian Islands – met Jules Remy. Spent four years together exploring every part of the Hawaiian Islands.

1855 –      Sailed to California, reached San Francisco and journeyed to Salt Lake City. On the way back to San Francisco, explored New Mexico, and then explored every part of California.

1857 –      Visited Canadian Lakes, descended the Mississippi from its source to Saint Louis. Reaching New York from where Brenchley had begun, both travellers embarked there back to England.

A Journey to Great-Salt-Lake

Jules Remy and Julius Brenchley travelled across North America in 1855 and the observations and documentations of their trip comprise the two volumes of A Journey to Great-Salt-Lake.

Read about Mr Brenchley’s interactions with the people of Native North America – pdf

North American Journey – From Missouri to Washington

‘Sketch of Mr. Brenchley’s Journey from the Missouri to the Pacific’ (in A Journey to Great-Salt-Lake: Volume Two) is the only published account depicting Brenchley’s North American travel in 1850. Read the 14 page summary of his 2,000 mile journey across North America from St. Louis, Missouri to Fort Vancouver, Washington in 1850. Look out for interactions with Native American tribes.


Sokopitz guided Brenchley and Remy during their journey to Salt Lake City

Brigham Young

Brigham Young – Mormon leader

Map designed to Accompany Journey to Mormon Land by Jules Remy

“We put our notes in order, studied the manners of the Indians as much as possible, gained an insight into the customs of the Mormons, and made a series of meteorological and geographical observations” (Vol. Two: 148).