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Gentleman Explorer: Julius Lucius Brenchley explored the world between 1849 and 1867.

 “I followed on foot to overcome my drowsiness, admiring Mr Brenchley, whom neither fatigue, wind nor weather seemed able to subdue.”

Jules Remy’s observation of Julius Brenchley in Journey to the Great-Salt-Lake, Volume One, p.107.


General Timeline

1856 – Visited Panama and Ecuador, ascended the volcanoes of Pinchincha and Chimborazo. Visited Peru, Chinchas Islands, and Chili.

1858 to 1859 – Algeria, Morocco, Spain and Sicily.

1862 – Went East visiting Nilgherries, Madras, Calcutta.

1863 – Ceylon then to China – visiting Shanghai, Nankin, Tientsin, and Perkin. Mongolia, and Japan. Back to China Brenchley travelled to Australia

1864 – New Zealand. Cruised among the islands of the South Pacific Ocean.

1865 – Shanghai, journeying through China and Mongolia, reaching Siberia.

1866 – Moscow and St. Petersburg. Travelled around Poland, visiting Warsaw, then through Austria and arrived at Marseilles.

1870 – Paris.

Back to England to settle in his hometown of Maidstone.

Courtesy of Preface, Jottings during the cruise of H.M.S. Curaçoa among the South Sea Islands in 1865 (London, Longmans & Co., 1873)


Brenchley was issued passports in order to cross the borders of certain countries.

Russian Passport 1866

Chinese Passport 1863