Educational Resources for Secondary Education

Here you will find educational resources for Secondary Schools according to subject. Click on the highlighted title for PDF files available to download and print.

Key Stage 3: Ages 11-14



Map of North America and Canada pdf. Students can complete the worksheet whilst using the website. The activity is based on Brenchley’s Journey across North America and will help with understanding areas of travel and Native American settlements.

Inuit Hunting pdf. A visual activity to learn and understand the methods of Inuit Hunting! The worksheet contains a teachers guide with learning objectives and answers.


Object Analysis pdf. A lesson plan on analysing Native North American artefacts with a focus on Haida Argillite Pipes. Use during a trip to the museum or in class using the Brenchley Collection artefacts page. Contains a teachers guide and two worksheets for pupils to complete in groups.

Understanding Different Tribes ppt. An introductory lesson: A slideshow that can be used to introduce pupils to the history and cultures of indigenous peoples. It aims to show some of the differences and similarities between tribes depending upon their culture areas. It includes pictures of four tribe/ tribal groups, maps, and has links to a potlatch ceremony, and old educational videos that can be used to critique the official history of Native Americans


Key Stage 4: Ages 14-16



Case Study: Makah Whaling pdf. for GCSE students. A case study focusing on the issues relating to the practise of whaling and the arguments for and against the Makah tradition.


Native North American and Canadian Terminology pdf. A factual handout explaining the correct terminology to use when studying Native American Culture.