The Chinook tribe are best known for their skill as traders. Occupying the mouth of the Columbian River to the Dalles, the tribe would trade with other tribes on the... read more

The Cayuse were a nomadic tribe who lived on the Columbia Plateau. The tribe have a close relationship with water and moved to the Columbia River during the fishing seasons... read more

Coast Salish peoples are a typical Northwest Coast tribe. Dependent on the sea for food resources the tribe feed on the plentiful amounts of salmon, eulachon and other fish. Red... read more

The Cree are a wide spread nation populating various areas of Canada. Cree members were originally Subarctic peoples living in Northern America where winters are harsh. Different bands began living... read more

The Haida People call themselves Xaadaa 7Iaa Isiss, “The Good People”. They have lived on British Columbia’s Queen Charlotte Islands, or Haida Gwaii, Canada, for at least 5000 years. Their... read more

Haudenosaunee, most commonly known as the Iroquois, lived in longhouses built of elm bark, typically fifty to a hundred feet in length. The Longhouse became a symbol of the Iroquois... read more