View Inuit Nunagat artefacts collected by Mr Brenchley. The Inuit Nunagat adapted well to the harsh conditions of the Arctic where winter lasts six to seven months of the year... read more

The Kwakwaka’wakw (commonly known as Kwakiutl) First Nation forms a collective of 18 tribes who have separate names and live in different areas of Canada’s Northwest Coast. The tribes traditionally... read more

The Makah Tribe on the North-western Coast of Washington are renowned whalers and deep sea navigators. Fish being the main food source in the Makah’s diet resulted in fishing techniques being their... read more

The Mi’kmaq tribe originate from Nova Scotia, Canada. Reliant on the sea for food, the Mi’kmaq were skilled fishers. Feed was caught by harpoon, hook and line, and traps. Sea mammals... read more

The Ojibwe, commonly known as Chippewa, were woodland peoples who generally remained living in one settlement, unless wildlife became scarce. Birch bark was utilised to make wigwams, canoes and containers.... read more

The Paiute consisted of two major subgroups, Northern and Southern Paiute. White intrusion to the area in the 1850s was said to be resented by the Paiute tribe. The arid... read more